Netherlands: Ramadan alert

Netherlands: Ramadan alert

Muslims who are afraid of forgetting when precisely they can eat and drink again during Ramadan, can get a special 'Ramadan SMS'.

The so-called 'Ramadan Alert' gives the exact moment when the fast day starts and again when it's over. The timing of starting and finishing fasting differs day to day, which can cause confusion.

According to the inventor of the Ramadan Alert, Frank Vos, many young Muslims in particular find it difficult to remember during the fast month when they can or can't eat.

He says you could choose to get an SMS in the evening at the moment when you can eat and drink again, or one which tells you at which moment fasting begins again. Muslims could sign up to the service at

Ramadan, the fast month for Muslims, starts this year August 22 and ends September 20.

Source: AD (Dutch)

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