Italy: Mayor bans burkini

Italy: Mayor bans burkini

A mayor of a northern Italian town decided on Wednesday to slap a hefty fine on women seen wearing the Islamic head-to-toe swimsuit or 'burkini' in local pools.

Gianluca Buonanno, the mayor of Varallo Sesia in the northwestern region of Piedmont, said the sight of ''a masked woman could cause dismay, especially among children'' enjoying a day at the pool.

Buonanno, who is also an MP with the devolutionist Northern League party, said he was similarly concerned that the costume might pose ''hygienic problems''.

''We're always very respectful of the customs and habits of those who are not of our culture but we mustn't always be tolerant,'' said the mayor, whose party has been accused of being anti-immigrant. ''Let's try to imagine what would happen if a western went swimming in a Muslim country wearing a bikini: she might be decapitated, sent to jail or expelled from the country.'' ''We are simply banning it and if this decision upsets anyone they can simply take a dip in a burkini in their own bathtub,'' said the mayor, who said women seen wearing it would be fined 500 euros.


In April, the Northern League mayor of a small town in the Marche region announced plans to ban Muslim women from wearing the burqa.

Fermignano Mayor Giorgio Cancellieri said he introduced the measure after seeing several of his constituents dressed in the Islamic garment.

The burqa covers the entire head and body of the woman, leaving only a small grill of cloth in the area of the eyes to allow the wearer to see.


Source: ANSA (English)

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