Odense: Integration award to church

Odense: Integration award to church

Culture aide Mahel El-Badawi and parish priest Torben Hangaard received the "Golden Frog" integration award for their many years of working on the topic of church/integration. They were awarded during the annual Vollsmose Blomstrer festival by Ryan Ra Olesen of the festival's coordinating team.

According to Ryan Ra Olesen the two deserve the award for their work with the open church, which built a good framework for coexistence between the various ethnic and religious groups in the Odense district of Vollsmose. Work which produced good results in the district.

The idea to develop partnership between Christians and Muslims based on respect for the difference wasn't only expanded to other places in Denmark. The two award winners also participated in building systems in several European cities and held courses for priests and imams from the USA.

Source: Fyens Stiftstidende (Danish)

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