Brussels: Municipalities ban Ramadan 'boycott Israel' campaign

Brussels: Municipalities ban Ramadan 'boycott Israel' campaign

The "Boycott Israeli dates" campaign is targeted at Muslims, as it is customary to break the Ramadan fast with dates.

According to Le Soir (FR), Saint-Gilles banned the campaign citing 'security' concerns. Schaarbeek was more precise, and mayor Cécile Jodogne wished to keep the peace in the community.


Palestinian groups have accused Brussels authorities of inconsistency after three of the city's communes banned them from distributing leaflets calling for the boycott of Israeli dates from local markets, Belgian daily Le Soir reported Friday.

Citing security reasons, the districts of Schaerbeek, Saint-Gilles and Anderlecht blocked the campaign by 'Coordination Boycott Israel', which claims that proceeds from the sale of the fruits fund the Israeli occupation of parts of the Palestinian territories.

However, the campaign has been given the go ahead by three other communes - Brussels City, Molenbeek and Forest.

'Where is the consistency?' one campaigner was quoted as saying.


Source: Monsters and Critics

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