Copenhagen: Municipality courting Muslims

Copenhagen: Municipality courting Muslims

Hamid El Mousti, a Moroccan-Danish municipal counsellor for the Social Democrats in Copenhagen was interviewed recently on French radio station RFI, regarding the city's approval for a mosque.

What's most interesting in this interview is the El Mousti claims that the Muslim population of Copenhagen is 19%, and that the municipality is courting the Muslims due to the upcoming elections.

Is El Mousti Islamophobic? According to EUMAP, btw, the Muslim population of Denmark is about 12.6%.



RFI: The city of Copenhagen also wants to introduce the teaching of Arabic in schools in the fall. Why is the Danish capital making such efforts regarding the Muslim community?

H.EL : 19% of the residents of the city are Muslim, and the municipal elections will be held on November 17th. This is a signal to the Muslim community saying: you're part of the community.

RFI: The construction of this mosque is the way for Denmark to make up for the story of the Muhammad cartoons in 2005?

H. EL: Absolutely not. This story is long forgotten in Denmark. We don't speak of it anymore. And I say that as a Sunni Muslim.

Source: RFI (French), h/t le blog laiciste

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