Netherlands: Muslim broadcasters to continue broadcasting

Netherlands: Muslim broadcasters to continue broadcasting

The Muslim broadcasters NMO and NIO may continue broadcasting, the Media Commission decided Thursday. The Muslim broadcasters were threatened with losing their broadcasting time due to infighting and disagreements in the administration.

In June the Minister of Media Ronald Plasterk gave the broadcaster an ultimatum: find a solution within six weeks, or pull the plug. The solution that has been found is that the entire board of the foundation responsible for both broadcasters, the Stichting Verzorging Islamitische Zendtijd (SVIz, Foundation for Islamic Airtime), would step down. The Media Commission is now looking for a new board.

Commission chairman Tineke Bahlmann says she is "very happy" that a solution was found. "Now the program makers of the Muslim broadcasters can quietly continue making beautiful programs."

The NMO and NIZ are in charge of about an hour of TV a week. In June it turned out that the two broadcasters had spent 450,000 euro in two years on legal fees and accounting inspections, of a total budget of 5,3 million euro a year.

Source: Trouw (Dutch)

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