Antwerp: Driving theory exam fraud

38 people appeared in front of the Antwerp court Wednesday for participating in driving theory exam fraud. 22 suspects were accused of having somebody else take their exam for them, the others were accused of taking the exam for somebody else.

The Antwerp prosecution wants to make a statement with this 'group case'. "Traffic safety begins somewhere, especially with the knowledge of traffic regulations," says prosecution spokesperson Dominique Reyniers. Reyniers adds that the suspects were exclusively immigrants or Moroccan and black-African origin.

These would not be the only suspects, as the first fraud cases of 2008 were already caught and will appear in court in the near future. Marc Massaert, chief examiner at the Kontich driving exam center, says they catch two people a month.

Though the theoretical exam costs just 15 euro, some of the suspects paid 500 euro for their accomplices to take the exam for them. Many went through several failed attempts before they turned to fraud.

Source: Marokko Nieuws, Knack (Dutch)

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