Rotterdam: Moroccan physicians' association

A group of Moroccan doctors will establish their own organization, AMAN, in Rotterdam this Sunday. The doctors want to form a think-tank which will advise Dutch hospitals, institutions and doctors about an effective health policy for Moroccan patients.

According to one of the initiators, Mhamed El Abdouni, there are many problems with Moroccans in health care. Often they don't know what type of care is available. Once the immigrant enters a hospital or institute for treatment, there is a lot of mutual cultural misunderstandings and they don't get the care they deserve.

There are already many immigrant health advisers but according to El Abdouni they aren't succeeding in breaking through the impasse. He emphasizes that the Dutch health care is not to blame for the culture problems, "Because it's now just very difficult to get to a solution."

AMAN would like to cooperate with other immigrant organizations. And the Moroccan physicians' association will also put in efforts into improving health care in Morocco.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

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