Netherlands: Wilders might have to leave the Netherlands

Just as Hirsi Ali had to flee after Van Gogh's murder.

National Coordinator for Anti-terrorism Tjibbe Joustra has advised politician Geert Wilders that it might be a good idea for him to leave the Netherlands temporarily after the release of his film on the Koran.

This emerged from an opinion piece that the PVV (Freedom Party) leader published in the Volkskrant on Wednesday.

Wilders wonders whether he would have provoked this kind of reaction if he had made a film on the "fascist character of the Bible" rather than one about the Koran.

"Would the National Coordinator for Anti-terrorism in that case too have said to me on Thursday that it would not be ruled out that I should go abroad for some time after the film is shown?" he writes.

Source: Expatica (English)


Anonymous said...

The man who is 'advicing' Wilders here is the man who is responsible for securing him. Wilders declared earlier that the man gives his 'advice' like "I can only guarantee you're safety if ..." and "I can not let you endanger our security folks, they have family to you know. If you don't follow our advice ...".

It's the kind of advice that in the past put both Wilders and Hirsi Ali in jail and cut of all their communication lines with the outside world.

Thus the word deportation is the better description for this kind of 'advice' to leave the country.

Esther said...

Hirsi Ali was not given advice. She was put on a plane and flown to the US. In her book she says that the Dutch secret service had no idea what to do, they were in complete panic.

I don't think Wilders is being deported. That would mean a long lasting expulsion from the country. I do think, though, that Joustra is saying that he can't protect a Dutch citizen in the Netherlands. That might mean that he's not fit for his job, for one. And second, it might mean that Hirsi Ali is right to demand the government finance her security. The Dutch authorities are themselves admitting that if they had a choice, they would rather protect her outside the country.