Netherlands: Wilders film roundup 2

Wilders is now saying is film might only be completed in March. In order to prove that he is indeed working on it and that it isn't just talk, he sent Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf the opening shot.

"Warning: this book contains shocking pictures."

Wilders says he has bought this Koran in East Jerusalem during his recent visit to Israel. He says his film will 'play out' in the Koran itself. After the opening shot, the book will open and he would show scenes of Sharia applied in practice: beheading in Iraq, stoning in Iran, or an execution in Saudi Arabia.

"Whoever thinks that's shocking, shouldn't be upset at me, but at the people who have done those things," says Wilders. He will have 'something' ready to show only in February.


Meanwhile, quite a few people have already decided that the film is insulting. Quite an achievement for a film which obviously hasn't been prepared yet.

Fearing uncalculated negative impacts on Islam-West relations, EU justice ministers expressed Saturday, January 26, deep concern over far-right Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders' plan to produce an inflammatory anti-Qur`an movie.

"It would, of course, have important repercussions for other countries of the European Union as well," Luxembourg Justice Minister Luc Frieden told Agence France-Presse (AFP) on the sidelines of the talks in this Slovenian city.

Frieden urged all Europeans not to misuse the freedom of expressions.

"It is our moral duty to call upon everybody, to make people aware, so that they do not abuse their fundamental rights" of freedom of expression, he said.

"We must also protect those who may be hurt or harmed by irresponsible statements."


Moroccan organisations in the Netherlands want the public prosecution department to prosecute Freedom party PVV leader Geert Wilders for discrimination against Muslims. If the justice department refuses, then the organisations will approach the court to force the prosecution department to take action.

Chairman of the National Moroccan Council (LBM) Mohamed Rabbae said this on Thursday, partly in response to the film on the Koran that Wilders is currently working on.

Rabbae says that the public prosecution department is hesitant to follow through on the many complaints filed against Wilders and that there is some fear of taking legal action against him. "We want to force that action," says the former GroenLinks MP.

"The Netherlands is not only Wilders' country, but a home for many Muslims. Every measure against the Netherlands affects us too," says Rabbae. He is going to approach the Iranian ambassador this week to ask him not to break diplomatic ties with the Netherlands.


The moderate National Moroccan Council said Thursday it will try to "neutralize the threat" posed by the upcoming film, which Wilders says is still under production.

"At the moment, practically all Muslim groups ... are working to ensure a peaceful and responsible reaction" to the film, said the group's chairman, Mohamed Rabbae, at a news conference in The Hague.

"We will have succeeded if, after the film, Mr. Wilders is frustrated," Rabbae said. "If he sees there are no riots and Muslims are cleverer and more democratic than he thinks."


Dutch police chiefs say they will not have a more flexible complaint policy for people who want to complain of discrimination after Wilders comes out with his film, though some mayors (Willem Ridder van Rappard of Nooroostpolder) think that the police should be more considerate of people who feel insulted by the film and serve as a sort of "thermometer for social safety."

As one police chief pointed out: all this hype, over a movie which hasn't been made yet. Wilders is getting too much of a podium.

He has the moderate Muslims of the Netherlands to thank for it.


Prominent Christian democrat CDA member and chairman of the secondary school council, Doekle Terpstra, was interviewed two months ago: "Wilders is evil and that evil must be stopped. I get cold shivers down my back when I hear him speak. It is time for the debate about integration to be removed from politics. Let's not be passive any longer. It is important that also ethnic Dutch stand up and call Wilders to stop."

He says Wilders' ideas are un-Dutch. "Problems with immigrants must be named, but it's absurd to treat people with contempt and to put them to the sword as he does."


Several representatives of Muslim organizations are organizing a 'hugging protest". The initators, and Academica Islamica, gave a teddybear and a "Wilders-friendly" Koran to parliament member Bouchibti, to pass on to Wilders. also offers a site to 'send Wilders a hug'.


Two Dutch have called for a "National Headscarf Day", for the day after the showing of the film. One of the initiators, a midwife, says that she thinks Muslims are much more sensual than the Dutch. "It must be noted that a headscarf is not unusual. I come from Brabant and there women in the 50s all wore a headscarf. And Máxima always has a hat on. I'm mad about hats. I think headgear is very sexy. And headscarves are better than all those bare breasts on TV."

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Anonymous said...

So Luxembourg Justice Minister Luc Frieden “urged all Europeans not to misuse the freedom of expressions.”

Is this guy for real?

It is quite simple - freedom of expression – use it or loose it.

If native Europeans give-in to Muslim intimidation you can flush 2000 years of European civilization down the drain.

Wake up before it is too late.

Bob Smith