Denmark: International terrorism links

Abu Khubayb is apparently Babar Ahmad, a British citizen currently in prison in the UK (see here, p.3). The US had asked for his extradition. He is accused of running websites soliciting funding and recruiting for the Taliban and Chechnian jihadists. Khubayb is a reference to one of Muhammad's followers who was tortured and killed in revenge by Muhammad's enemies.

Ahmad has a site petitioning for his freedom and he posts sporadically here.

Assuming this is the same guy, EH had been working for him after Ahmad was arrested by the British authorities. Since he was arrested for running websites, it would be interesting to know what type of translation work a Danish-Moroccan youth was doing for him.


Danish news agency Ritzau reports that in the months before he was arrested in connection the Glostrup terrorism case, EH (19) worked for a man nicknamed Abu Khubayb, currently a terrorism suspect in the US.

This was revealed in Monday's court session, when prosecutor Jørgen Jensen brought out completely new telephone taps of the 19 year old's telephone. The taps are from a holiday which EH took in Morocco on July 2005, several months before he was arrested, in October of that year.

On the tapes the 19 year old discussed several times a 'problem' that he should solve for the American. It was a talk with a friend Abdul Basit Abu-Lifa, who later was also a terrorism suspect in the Glostrup case [and was found guilty]

"It was some translation work that I had promised to do for him. I had translated a lot, also for him," explained the 19 year old.

Source: DR (Danish)

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Anonymous said...

I am the blogger behind

which you have cited in the above article as being Babar Ahmad's blog where he blogs. How could he blog there if he is currently imprisoned?!

Esther said...

Hi istighfar,

I don't know how he could blog.. that was my question.

I don't understand your question though. There is a Babar Ahmad writing on your blog from behind bars, apparently imprisoned since 2004 (see here).

Would you mind explaining who that person is, and why and where he is imprisoned?

Esther said...

Hi istighfar,

Babar Ahmad was arrested on charges of terrorism on August 5th, 2004.

On August 20th, 2007, you posted on your blog a letter by a Babar Ahmad titled "Three years in captivity".

Who writes in the category "from behind bars"?

Anonymous said...

That wasn't a question, it was a dumb assumption.

Prisoners write from prison you know, and people read and spread their writings.