Denmark: Royal Library not to display Mohammed cartoons

Two months ago I reported that there were two Danish institutions who wanted to buy the Mohammed cartoons: the Danish Royal Library (AKA 'the Black Diamond') and the Danish Media Museum. The Media Museum wants to buy them and exhibit them. The Royal Library wants to get them for free and hide them away. They've now announced, that they will be the ones acquiring them.

Why not exhibit them?

Jytte Kjærgaard, communications consultant for the library: Those who want to see the cartoons can easily find them on the internet. [ed.: so easily, that the Guardian site, who apparently didn't want to display them themselves, linked to a Wikipedia article which had since been deleted]. Seeing the originals doesn't enhance the experience. Therefore there's no reason for setting up an exhibition.

The Royal Library wants to get the cartoons in order to preserve them for future generations. "We hope we can ensure that all the cartoon are preserved for the future. The cartoons have become a part of Danish history."

She adds that they're not buying the cartoons, but are currently in dialog with the cartoonists to have them donated. Some have already agreed to donate them, but the library has yet to get them.

The Media Museum still hopes they'll get the chance to exhibit the cartoons.

Sources: Avisen (Danish), Guardian (English)

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Anonymous said...

I guess then, there is no need to see a original Van Gogh either. There are so many books with pictures, posters, internet pictures. With this kind of reasoning we can close all kafir museums.