Liege: Honor murderer sentenced to 25 years

The jury of the court of Liege found Murat Seven guilty of murdering his sister, Jülide (25). The 25 year old man from Fleron killed her on Jan. 21, 2005, because he disapproved of her European way of life.

After two hours of deliberation the jury pronounced this verdict. The trial which started last October was stopped on the third day due to bias on the part of several jury members. The whole jury was then sent home.

The events occurred in 2005 in the apartment of the victim, in the center of Liege. Murat Seven, born to parents of Turkish origin, visited his sister that evening. During the visit he took out a firearm and shot from close range. The young woman was hit in the head. The bullet also penetrated a hand.

After the verdict attorney general Olivier Warnon demanded a prison sentence of 25 years, which the jury approved.

Sources: HLN 1, 2 (Dutch)

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She shows such courage. And it is because of this kind of courage that we will defeat the Islamofascists.