Delft: Mohammed cartoon removed from university site

Delft University of Technology removed one of the Mohammed cartoons from a website at the insistence of a number of doctoral students from abroad. The picture, showing the prophet with a bomb as a turban, was placed next to an announcement about three lectures about the historical Mohammed., which would be given next month by the famous Arabist Hans Jansen.

According to Stadium Generale, which organizes the presentation, said the Mohammed cartoon ended up on the site due to a type of stupidity.

Foreign students weren't happy with it and complained, after which the disputed cartoon was immediately removed. "The picture wasn't functional and also had no relation with the lecture," says a university spokesperson.

For Studium Generale the issue is cause for a follow-up debate. For example, about why people from other culture come to study in the Netherlands when they have a restricted view of the culture of the country where they're guests.

In his lectures Jansen will try to make a historical construction of the life of the prophet. He hopes to make a meaningful contribution while everybody is waiting for the Wilders film, by showing what type of man Mohammed was.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

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