Trondheim: Muslim child placed with lesbian foster family

A Muslim mother reacted severely after her child was placed by lesbian foster parents in Trondheim.

The municipality regrets the choice of the family but thinks they have handled things correctly when they placed a Muslim child in a lesbian home.

The parents have psychological injuries after being tortured in their homeland, and that increased the urgency of finding a family. The child also has big problems.

Jorid Midtlyng of the municipal council wrote in a letter to the Muslim community that due to the children's need it was both right and necessary to place them.

After inquiries from the Muslims, the municipality has changed the routine to ensure children's cultural, language and religious connections were taken care of in the best possible manner.

Still, they will not change the foster home for the child in question.

Source: TV2 (Norwegian)


Anonymous said...

It seems that they do things like this just to punnish.

Dinah Lord said...

An unfortunate situation for all involved, but putting the child in a home that will provide the stability this kid needs is the most important thing right now.

And I'm glad they will not cave and change the foster home - the last thing this kid needs is to be shuffled around more.

I hope he/she does okay.

Rikard said...

"Muslim Child" is an oxymoron, a child doesn't have religious values. Forcing children into any religion should be illegal, you should first have to be considered an adult before chosing if you want religion (and what religion) in your life otherwise it's just indoctrination since they won't have a real choice.