Norway: Koran/Islam exhibition

Trøgstad is the fifth Norwegian municipality to open its doors to a Koran exhibition.

A very special exhibition is now being shown at the library in Trøgstad. The exhibition, in the library's foyer, is about the Koran, the and will be accessible to the public till the end of February. It consists of different translations of the Koran, including Norwegian, English, French, Spanish and a list of other languages.

Pamphlets, brochures and booklets about Islam are also available. Some subjects are women's position in Islam, Islamic philosophy and basic thought, Islam and blasphemy, Jihad, and Islamic answers to todays' challenges. For those interested it will be possible to loan or get their own copy of the Koran in Norwegian, and eventually other literature as well.

The Ahmadiyya community of Norway supports the exhibition. The Ahmadiyya movement counts millions of members worldwide, but only about 1,500 live in Norway. Most are in Østlandet. A similar exhibition is opening in Spydeberg.

Source: Smaalenenes Avis (Norwegian)

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