Religious Tolerance, Free Speech, and Blogging

From PoliGazette, explaining why they removed a post about Wilders:

This is a blog. We enjoy posting our analysis of current events and we hope that you enjoy reading it, at least some of the time. But this is not something that should be a matter of life or death. By doing this, are we allowing the possibly idle threats of anonymous people to interfere with our speech? Yes, I am afraid that we are. But I don't see a responsible alternative, knowing what we know to be possible.

I will say this: Those who threaten death against those who have been allies of Muslims merely for posting a story talking about an anti-Muslim bigot are doing more for that bigot than for anyone else. Those who wrongly believe Muslims to be intrinsically violent or intolerant gain ammunition when such irresponsible and intolerant threats are issued. Those who actually hate Muslims win when those who love Muslims are wrongly targeted for threats.

Source: PoliGazette (English)


Anonymous said...

Lol, some people will never get it.

John Rohan said...

That has got to be the most confusing explanation I have ever read.