Oslo: Muhammad most popular boy's name

Muhammad, taking together all its different spellings, is the most popular boy's name in Oslo. Nationally, it's in 53rd place.

Jørgen Ouren of Statistics Norway says that Mohammed being the most popular name in Oslo is not new, but this is the first time they've dared say that.

Ouren says that last year Muhammad was also the most popular, and has been in second place for quite a few years back with the regular spelling. It's probable that even then it was the most popular name if all spellings would have been counted together, though Ouren couldn't say for certain.

Taking Mohammad and Muhammad together, there were 80 boys with that name born last year, giving it first place in Oslo. Kristian was given to 70 boys.

There are six ways to spell Muhammed in Norwegian: Mohamed, Mohammad, Mohammed, Muhammad and Muhammed.

Sources: TV2, Statistics Norway (Norwegian)

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