Rotterdam: An email to a devil worshipper

Klein Verzet reports about an email sent by local labor party politician from Rotterdam, Bouchra Ismaili. Apparently, after a story about Koran lessons given to the Ede municipality, a reader sent emails to various politicians with quotes from an article about Hizb ut-Tahrir in the Netherlands.

I bring a translation of her email.


Listen well, you filthy fool WE'RE STAYING HERE hahahahahahhahah DROP DEAD. I'm a Dutch Muslim and I will stay that till my death. I pity your type you must live with hate, very sad. My father and mother have worked hard to also build up this land and I have nothing to do with what others think or say. You're a pathetic devil worshiper!!! You have sold your soul!!! Weird believing in the devil and followers and rejecting God the almighty the ruler of the heavens and earth.

Your type are the worst terrorists you terrorize our lives now for years here in the Netherlands. But luckily you're thinly spread and most Dutch are developed and tolerant. You are the immigrant here!!!! With Allah on my side i fear nothing and nobody. I AND MY FELLOW MUSLIMS LIVE your type are consumed by hate. Advice if I may be so free is convert to Islam and find peace in your heart. Hate devours you and make you empty in your heart. You only have limited time in this life go live and enjoy it.

We live....................... You're trying to undo something to influence the life and fate of others. Freemason hahahaha you are not free you are a slave to the devil. You think that you're a type of God truly pathetic have a look at yourself! If you're a man with BALLS let me know who you are and let us meet. You can always come to me for a meeting. I know that you're empty inside and that you sometimes feel that you don't exist. You want to be seen and heard but you are simply SIMPLY a grey mouse a dull person one of billions walking around the globe. But i hear your cry of distress I hear you screaming for attention. I will always make time for you despite the fact that I'm busy making the Netherlands a cleaner and safer land were people can develop and live in freedom and democracy regardless of color origin and religous belief. Where even devil worshippers deserve a place, because who am I to judge in the end. I leave that to the judge of judges ALLAH A RAHMAN OU RAHEEM!!!! [Allah the most merciful]

Bouchra Ismaili

Source: Het Vrije Volk (Dutch)

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Anonymous said...

The odds for successful assimilation appear to be rather slim in this case.

Congrats, Rotterdam! You're one step closer to becoming a new Beruit!