Denmark: Wake up-become a politician!

The following is from a site claiming to be the Danish Muslim Party (DAMP), having been founded August 24th, 2007. I bring it as is, just emphasizing the English parts. It's a more or less literal translation, and where there is none, I added my own translation in brackets. The original Danish is as bad as the original English.

Besides having their own site, they have posted on various forums looking for candidates and blaming the Danish press for boycotting them.

Danish muslim partys agenda-Dansk muslim parti agenda: Pressemeddelse -Dansk Muslim Parti

Dansk Muslim Parti informerer/Danish muslim party informs:

Danish muslim partys agenda-Dansk muslim parti agenda:

Danish muslim partys only agenda is to get muslims into danish politics and into the parliament, no matter what our ideas and religious or political beliefs are.

Idea behind this is simply this: since we live in Denmark and here is about 700 000 muslims, we could actually have about 60 ( =1/3 ) muslim representatives in danish parliament, and therefore also in danish government, - and therefore we feel it would be worthwhile to get muslim candidates, so that also muslims ideas, values and viewpoints would become heard,respected and understood better in danish politics and in danish government and parliament.This way we could also stop discrimination in danish society.

Dansk muslim partis eneste agenda er at vi vil have mere muslimer til dansk politik og til folketinget.Det er ligemeget hvad er vores ideer eller politiske eller religiøse ideer.

Idén er bare at fordi vi bor i Danmark og her er ca. 700000 muslimer, vi kunne have ca. 60 (=1/3) representanter i folketinget og derfor også have muslimer i regering , - og derfor vi tror at det er en god ide , fordi vores ideer,værdier og synspunkter kunne blive hørt og forståt bedre i dansk politik- og i folketinget og i regering.Dette kunne også stoppe diskrimination i dansk samfund.

We have Freedom of religion in Denmark , and therefore everyone have right to practise their religion what ever it is, and also society must respect every religion and accept its manners and beliefs.

Pga. Religionsfrihed Alle i Danmark skulle have rettigheder at leve ifølge deres religion, og derfor er det ulovligt hvis nogen prøver at stoppe muslim-religion.F.eks. det kan godt være at DF partis udtalelser eller agenda er ulovlig ifølge internationelle lov. Therefore f.ex. DF partys opinions and agenda may be criminal , and may become judged as a crime if judged according to international laws.

Vågn op-bliv politiker! Wake up-become a politician!

Our goal is to get our candidates into parliament-folketinget, and to all politics of Denmark and this way help immigrants in Denmark.

Vi skal have flere muslimer til folketinget.We are not religious movement-we are only a political movement trying to get equal treatment for immigrants and muslims in Denmark. Vi er ikke religiøs bevægelse-vi er kun politisk bevægelse og vi kun vil få rettigheder og bedre liv til indvandrere og muslimer i Danmark.

We want to do politics,and find peaceful solutions.We hope that danish society gives us chance to do this. Vi vil skabe fred.

Here lives about 275000 muslims now-we win next election easily.Her bor ca. 275000 muslimer i Danmark-vi vinder nemt næste valg.(ingen ved sikkert hvor mange muslimer bor i Danmark- eller vores regering skjuler information? No one knows exactly how many muslims live in Denmark-or government knows,but hides data?)

Immigrants have no other hope- and Denmark has no other hope?
DAMP er vores eneste håb?

DET UTROLIGT AT DANMARK HAR IKKE MUSLIM SOM INTEGRATIONSMINISTER -ELLER MÅSKE INGEN MUSLIMER I INTEGRATIONSMINISTERIUM? It is unbelievable that Denmark has not muslim as integrationsminister-or maybe not a one muslim in integrations ministry?

Treating immigrants wrongly will in the future cause riots and many problems- and therefore it is a must to get muslims into politics-not throw immigrants out of life in Denmark. Vi skal have muslim og indvandrer politikere,ellers bliver der problemer i Danmark i fremtiden.Ved hjælp af muslimer i politik undgår Danmark problemer.

Modern danish politics can be called apartheid politics- you cannot even read anywhere in Denmark what muslims or immigrants think or say about situation in Denmark. Nu er indvandreres og muslimers situation dårlig i Danmark.

'Muslim party' will be biggest party of Denmark- and it may be soon.First day after Turcey becomes EU member country- about one million 20-50 years old muslims moves to Denmark?And after that Denmark will be a muslim country?Be ready!
But we may not wait that, - we must be a party of government already now.

'Muslim parti' vil blive den største parti i Danmark i fremtiden.Men danskere skal ikke være bange eller utilfreds med det-vi skaber fred og feremtiden vil blive bedre for alle.Men vi skal ikke vente Turkey-vi skal blive regerings parti allerede nu!

Vi skal kræve muslimsk integrationsminister- nu?We must demand muslim integrations minister -now?

Many danes feel this strange, because Denmark has not have muslim government before- but we can assure you that everything will be better in muslim Denmark:

No drugs,no crime, peace, and humanity- instead of drug culture,immorality,possibly human rights crimes and violence which we have now.

Voldssamfund skal stoppes.

We may not stand and watch when our people are treated wrongly - Vote muslim parti. Vote muslim! (If you are a communist-vote muslim communist candidate, if you are a conservatie-vote conservative muslim candidate, etc.)

This is only way to get equality in Denmark?

Alle muslimer i Danmark skulle støtte muslimer og stemme muslimer.Vi skal glemme hvis vi har forskellige meninger- og stemme muslimer til folketinget.Det er bedre at snakke om vores meninger i folketinget, end på gaden.If we have different ideas, it is anyway better to argue or discuss about them in Parliament , than on the streets.

I fremtiden dansk regering har ca. 50% muslimer,- eller vi har 100% muslimsk regering.

[in the future the Danish government will have about 50% Muslims, or we'll have 100% Muslim government]

Nu- vores politik er at hvis du er muslim- er det bedre at vi har muslimer i folketinget.Ellers får vi aldrig 'menneskerettigheder' eller ligestilling i dansk samfund?Our politics is that it is better to have muslims in parliament in Denmark-otherwise we do not get 'human rights' or equality in danish society?

Hvad som helst er din politisk eller religiøs holdning- er det bedre hvis vi har muslimer i folketinget og i dansk politik,Ik?
Danmark bliver den første muslimsk land i Europe? Denmark will be first muslim land in Europe? Men så længe skal vi bare være en del af dansk politik,Ik?-og ikke bare side og opleve forkerte handlinger mod os her? But now we must be part of danish politics anyway-and not sit and wait when wrong things happen to us in Denmark?


Provocation of muslims has not caused much problems in Denmark.

This proves how good people immigrants and muslims in Denmark are.

There was more problems with gang youth house of Norrebro,than with muslims ever in Denmark. Provokation mod islam gav ikke samfundsproblemer i Danmark og det beviser at muslimer er fredelige mennesker.Ungdomshuset har givet mere problemer end muslimer nogensind i Danmark.

Jyllands-Politikens provocation were made by illuminists-zionists? Illuminist -zionister bag provokation?Ahmadinejad har talt noget om det nu vedrørende svensk provokation af 2007. Ahmadinejad says something like this- and same thing now in Sweden.

Illuminists-zionists idea is to get a war between muslims and christians,that is why they try to get terrorism. Illuminister-zionister vil skabe krig mellem muslimer og kristne,og derfor vil de provolere terrorisme.Muslimer er ikke terrorister.Muslim people are not terrorists.

That is why we must know this, and stay calm
.Derfor skal vi være fredelige.

Islam is a religion of peace and love.Islam er fred og kærlighed-ikke krig eller terror.

Let islam help Danmark and make Denmark a reasonable land.Lad islam hjælpe Danmark-vi skal gøre Danmark fornuftig land!

Let's get 100 muslims into folketinget/parliament.Vi skal have 100 muslimer til folketinget.

There is no other choice-Danmark skal have muslim parti-og muslim kandidater- og muslim politikere- NU!

[Denmark shall have a Muslim party and Muslim candidates and Muslims politicians NOW!]

Alle indvandreres og muslimers sager skal undersøges og diskriminering eller forskelbehandlinger skal undersøges. All immigrant and muslims cases in Denmark must be investigated because of possible discrimination towards them.

Indvandrere og muslimer i danske fængsler kan tolkes at være politiske fanger? Immigrants and muslims in danish prisons can be understood being political prisoners?

Every immigrant or muslim in danish jails should be released from prisons, because it is possible that there has been plotting or framing or provocation towards them - and all cases should be investigated again carefully.

h/t Veritas Universalis (Danish)


Anonymous said...

Danish Muslims are eligible for election and can hold office, just like any other Danish citizen. Furthermore, Danish Muslims are free to cast their votes in whichever way they see fit, just like any other citizen. That is as it should be.

As for your claim that there are 'about 700.000 Muslims' in Denmark, that is simply wrong. The real number is closer to 150.000, but certainly nowhere near the number that you claim (See

I am addressing this, because you seem to imply that Danish Muslims are underrepresented in Danish politics. Besides the important fact that not all Muslims agree with the view that one must vote for another Muslim in order to have ones political views represented, it is not surprising that people with a Muslim background are not more visible in Danish politics, when one considers that they continue to be a minority.

On a different note, I have to take issue with your idea of a 'Muslim country' or 'Muslim government' as you call it:

The separation of church and state are secured by the Danish constitution, and, even if there were a majority of practicing Christians, Muslims, Buddhists or Jews in parliament, they could not legally or democratically overrule the democratic political order as defined by our constitution. That means that there can never be a 'Muslim' or 'Christian' government, only a government made up of a majority of Muslims or Christians, who nevertheless have to abide by the constitution and govern in accordance herewith.

While hardly recommendable, politicians are indeed free to let their religious observance influence their policies and law proposals, but they can only be implemented insofar as they adhere to the principles laid down in the Danish constitution, 'grundloven'.

Using a majority vote to install a theocratic government (if that is indeed what your are suggesting) is simply not an option, because the constitution was 'set up' to protect ALL Danish citizens (whether it be Christian, atheist or Muslim) from tyranny, even if that tyranny springs from the aspirations of the majority.

Among other things, this means that individual rights are not subject to amendments, even if they are sanctioned by Holy Scripture.

Perhaps I am reading too much into your - unsubstantiated – claim that 'Denmark will be a Muslim country', but it is nevertheless important to point out that the Danish constitution does not sanction a transition away from the democratic principles on which it was based and, luckily, the majority of Danes, whatever their personal religious views may be, support our democracy.

Anonymous said...

The right number of Muslims in Denmark in 1994 was about 180.000.
In 2006 it was a little under 600.000.
So yea they are 700.000 to day and growing!