Federation of Islamic Organisation in Europe - Gaza Protest

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Who is the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe? They were recently in the news when they organized a European Muslim 'code of conduct'. Signed by 400 Muslim groups for all over Europe, though apparently by not one major representative body. The list of 400 signatories was never revealed. Their site, which has never been very informative, had disappeared. They are somehow connected to the European Council of Fatwa and Research, another group which appears on the news quite often, but which keeps itself as hidden as possible.

They are apparently responsible for the top-secret "pro-Gaza" campaign yesterday.

Federation of Islamic Organisation in Europe protesting against Israel’s siege on the Gaza Strip and power and water cutoff, offered to switch off electric lamps and start candlelight march at 20.00 on January 24, imam of Icherisheher Juma mosque Haji Ilgar Ibrahimoglu told APA. The protest action lasted for 20 minutes.

Haji Ilgar said that a group of religious men from Azerbaijan also joined this initiative.

“The world community should pay attention to this disaster and condemn the actions of Zionists against thousands of civilians. People of goodwill should expose the regime torturing defenseless people,” he said.

Source: APA (English)

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Anonymous said...

Hello Esther,
thanks for digging up info on the FIOE. Their websites tend to go dead a lot (http://www.fioe.org http://www.eu-islam.com http://fioeu.org/ discontinued?)...
So they claim that more than 400 organisations, representing a fourth to a fifth of muslims in Europe, have signed their charter - and can't produce the names of those? Interesting. I read on KUNA (http://www.kuna.net.kw/Home/Story.aspx?Language=en&DSNO=1064480) that the charter was funded "a lot" by Kuwait's Awqaf (endowments) Ministry.
And the FIOE budget of 400.000 Euros also comes to a large part from the gulf, about two thirds.
There was (is?) a short clip of the charter press conference in Brussels, with french and german dubbing/commentary. The french always give a hint (like affiliated to UOIF or Qaradawi connection), but german media are absolutely clueless about FIOE (or, alternativly, they don't want to give FIOE publicity after identifying Ibrahim El-Zayat, but I don't believe in this kind of media conspiracy fantasies)
But back to the Gaza campaign:
"The campaign, run by the Brussels-based Federation of Islamic Organisation in Europe, is being held under the theme We Are All Gaza.
Separately, the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs yesterday denounced Israel's fierce onslaught on the Gaza Strip and its siege crippling people.
A silent vigil will be held today in front of the Egyptian Embassy in Mahooz to protest the siege and the Arab silence.
Bahrain Society for Anti-Normalisation with the Zionist Enemy is co-ordinating the rally with civil societies."
Wow, awesome name.
In 2000, the FIOE was distributing graphic photos to raise anger for the intifada against Israel. The photos showed the bloody corpse of Issam Judeh Mustafa Hamed, allegedly tortured to death by Israeli settlers, but really the victim of a car accident (Physicians for Human Rights report November 2000).

Best regards

Anonymous said...

german version:
french version:

Oh, and I would like to ask you a question:
Was Yusuf Al-Qaradawi allowed into France recently?
Ever heard of that?

Anonymous said...

Let me explain,
I ask because this was published on ikhwanweb Tuesday, January 15, 2008:
"... Al-Qaradawi said this in a speech he delivered in front of top Islamic leaders and Arab ambassadors and media figures in France, in a lunch banquet held by Qatari ambassador to France, Mohammed Jaham Al Kuwari in the embassy in Paris."
Did Qaradawi get visa for France since his speech in Bourget 2000? Or doesn't need one as a Qatari citizen in the embassy of Qatar in Paris?
This must have been at the same time as Sarkozy visited Qatar, what a coincidence. And just a few days after January 10, when the FIOE charter was presented in Brussels, which is not very far from Paris.
Just wondering....

Anonymous said...

Flow, can you provide a reference for the FIOE distribution of the false Gaza photo campaign?

Anonymous said...

Yes, they published it on their website:
(Cowardly Act) leads to a slide show of gruesome pictures:

they are from the same set but not as bad as these:

FIOE statement of 3/10/2000, expressing total solidarity with the intifada:

and a Statement from the Muslim Brotherhood 21/10/2000, also on the FIOE website:


Anonymous said...

UPDATE on Qaradawi in Paris:

The Observer understands that senior civil servants in the Home Office and Foreign Office have recommended that ministers approve an application by Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who is banned from entering the United States, to come to London for medical treatment. (...) Several senior civil servants are also understood to have reservations because Qaradawi, 80, has previously received treatment in France, suggesting that he can receive medical attention for his undisclosed illness elsewhere.
Row over Islamist cleric's visa, Guardian, January 27, 2008

So, Qaradawi came to Paris for medical treatment and a speech and a lunch banquet at the embassy of Qatar? Before France, he was in a hospital in Algeria:
Algeria's Al-Shorouq newspaper reported Friday that the president's brother, Dr Mostafa Bouteflika, was leading the medical team treating Sheikh Qaradawi. (Algerian Ein Al-Na'ga military hospital) He was suffering from a minor stomach ulcer, the sources said.

I wonder what he scheduled for London: a meeting with Ken? A session of his European Fatwa Council or his International Union of Islamic Scholars? Or a couple of sharia board business meetings?

For some context, the video of Le Bourget in 2000, where he islamically prohibited to vote for some parties:


Anonymous said...

Please visit Press TV website
and turn on it's live stream
which has full coverage of Gaza