Netherlands: Rotterdam terrorism suspects set free

The three men who were arrested in Rotterdam on New Year's eve on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack have been set free. The court in Rotterdam saw no reason to keep them under arrest. The public prosectuion will appeal the decision.

The AIVD thinks the three wanted to commit an attack. they will continue to be suspects in the case. The public prosection wanted to continue holding the two suspects of Moroccan origin for further interrogation.

The third man, of Sudanese origin, will be freed today anyway. According to his lawyer he's "a model of integration". "They have found nothing against him, but with the new terrorism law, justice really doesn't need anything to hold somebody for weeks."

The lawyers of the other two suspects were also completely surprised about the suspicions of a terror attack. No explosives were found in house searches by the three.

Source: AD (Dutch)

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