Netherlands: Muslim watchdog committee

Moroccan author Mohammed Jabri has set up a committee, called Mirsab [meaning, Muhammad's sword], which will lodge complaints against anybody who expresses disdain towards Muslims.

Jabri says he is supported by lawyer, mosque administrations and author colleagues. The author, who has been called the Moroccan Theo Van Gogh, had set up and wrote on the disputed site, which had meanwhile disappeared. He wants Mirsab to function as a watchdog. "Anybody making racist statements about Islam, anybody who incites to hatred, we will deal with collectively in a judicial manner."

He says he's aware they'll lose many cases, but what concerns them is that one win will have a lasting effect. "If we succeed to force jurisprudence so that people like Geert Wilders will have a harder time in the future making discriminating standpoints about us, I'm satisfied." He says they aspire to noting more or less than equal treatment of Muslims in this society with equal participation for everybody.

Jabri's lawyers are ready to take action against the upcoming Geert Wilders movie about Islam.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)


Anonymous said...

Smart move, for the Dutch he is the non-violent protester who goes to court. Maybee some will applaud him for being the well intergrated Muslim who follows the Dutch law.

For Muslims he is the provider of legal fatwa's. Remember he's backed by Islamic authority (so he says). Good Muslims will follow the example of Muhammed and deal with enemies of god by the sword, just like Theo van Gogh. All they need is a fatwa..

This show's that cowardiness combined with ignorance about Islam is very, very dangerous...

Anonymous said...

I regret to have to say that Mohammed Jabri makes a foolish move.
a) The Quran/Islam is not 'a race' so any comments/crtique thereupon can never be called 'racist'as Jabri does.
b) He won't have a chance in court except by applying censureship 'keep your mouth shut'-as exists in most Islamic countries where nobody can criticise the Quran/Islam wtihout being punished including the death sentence.
c) Wilders and other critiques of the Quran/sharia have all evidence available of the crimes committed in Islamic countries on INTERNET where muslims dangle from gallows where we can see their heads- and hand chopped off, where we can witness the utter misery of, amongst others, muslim women in Afghanistan, where child-marriages are still enforced - hand on the Quran, and with millions and millions of uslim girls who are circumcized.

To deny this alone as a result of the Quran='sharia' is foolish.

Jabri and other muslims must learn to face this reality, DO something against these crimes 'in name of Allah' - and stop blaming people for poiting these out.

The Quran ITSELF, however is one Big Declaration of War on all non-muslims - especially christians who are still murdered at the hands of muslims in Islamic countries BECAUSE of what is written in the Quran wherein distorted plagerisme from the Old- and New Testament - the Holy Books of two existing Monotheistic Religion - and which makes it so difficult for muslims to live amongst christians, Jews, not to forget 'infidels'.

To flee from the truth as also Jabri does does not make it go away: The Quran declared war upon us - 'jihad' at the ready with Muhammed followed by 10 centuries of Islam attacking wars - and attacking us muslims still do. No amount of 'nice muslims who mean well' changes that.

More serious even than this is that the Quran BLASPHEMES (!) Jezus-CHRIST of Europe/Christendom in an unforgivable violent attack.

Geert Wilders speaks the truth - not the Jabri's who want to hide/flee from the réal truth in the Quran and the misery the Quran causes particularly to muslims.