Denmark: Terror suspect supported by Outlandish star

According to police sources, Isam Bachiri of the popular hip-hop group Outlandish had sent expensive name brand sports clothes to the 19 year old terrorism suspect 'E' in prison, writes SE og HØR. E wore the clothing later in court. Additionally, E recieved letters in which Isam Bachiri declared his support for the terrorism suspect, saying 'hang on' and 'typical Danish racism'.

Isam Bachiri's brother - who is married to E's sister - has shown interest in the case and has shown up several times in court.

The 12 jury members thought E was guilty of planning a terror attack, but he was freed by the judge.

New evidence has been found since the acquittal and the prosecution is again trying to get E convicted. The new evidence includes a DVD which has a precise explanation of how to build up a fully functional terror cell. The police have had the DVD for a while but claims that only now they've succeeded in breaking the encryption. The 19 year old denies he knew about the DVD, which among its 844 files also includes several bomb manuals.

Source: Ekstra Bladet (Danish) h/t Uriasposten (Danish)

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