Norway: the story of a homosexual Muslim

'Hassam' , a Norwegian Muslim homosexual, was sent by his parents to his homeland to be cured. When that didn't work, his father disowned him.

'Hassam' tried to hide his sexual inclination from his parents. to check his father's attitude, he asked his father what he would do if he had a homosexual son. His father said he would kill him.

When his parents discovered 'Hassam' last spring, he was so pressured that he fled from home. The social services intervened, he stayed in a foster home and later in a youth institution. Several times his parents tried to draw him out of his secret place of residence, once by lying that his mother was in the hospital. 'Hassam' sat alone in his room and missed his little siblings. Finally he contacted his mother. "My parents promised that they'll accept me. Therefore i came back home again."

Instead 'Hassam' was sent to his homeland to be 'cured' of homosexuality. If the cure wouldn't work, his parents agreed to accept him as he was.

'Hassam' says he was sent to the Middle East to become heterosexual. He knew it wouldn't work but thought he'll go along with it so his parents will accept him.

He was presented to an imam who had the ability to look into the future. "He said: "This is a disgrace, you're spoiling the honor, and God hates you". He said he saw my future with a girl." He told him he'll make his boyfriend unfaithful and remove him from 'Hassam's thoughts. 'Hassam' says he was scared, confused and cried alot.

He says he had to drink water with pieces of paper with verses from the Koran. The imam stirred the paper in with a red pencil. People said it would work, but 'Hassam' asks: what about science? Homosexuality is not something new.

He also had to pray a lot and read the Koran. When he continued to say no to marrying his cousin, his mother took him to a neighbor and beat him. She also cut his long hair while he slept, because she thought it was feminine.

When 'Hassam' came back to Norway, his father declared that he was no longer his son. Hassam was scared that he'll be killed or tricked. His father accused him of not having honor, that he's only thinking of submitting to men and that he's giving a bad example to his siblings.

He says he wishes he wasn't like this, but he must be what he is. If he marries a girl, he'll be ruining his life and hers just to satisfy his parents.

Senaid Kobilica, head of the Islamic Council of Norway, said that you can count the number of homosexual Muslims on one hand, but 'Hassam' says he himself knows more than five, but they don't come out. "I know so many who don't dare come out because of the family. Sixteen year olds that are scared and cry themselves to sleep." He thinks Muslim society should open up and allow them to come out.

Now his friends can't afford to pay for his food and residence. Additionally he has missed a whole school year. He has no idea what will happen in the next days and weeks. "I wish myself a normal life, where I don't need to be nervous of what can happen"

Source: Dagsavisen (Norwegian)

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Anonymous said...

It will be difficult breaking with his family but the only choice I can see is a break from Islam. If he remains a muslims he will see them at common meeting places and the community will treat him like a pariah.

Anonymous said...

I believe If you Hassam really wants to help himself then it is only him who should seek the guidance and the only way he could do it is to pray to God unconditionally and repeatedly with sincerity and ask Allah to help him. Miracles are not impossible to God and God does not let us down if we are sincere in our fith and prayers. God said there is a cure to every disease and I believe homosexuality is a disease can only be cured with God's will.

Anonymous said...

The stupid suggestion of breaking from Islam is very clearly coming from someone who hates islam. Islam is not the problem here, homosexuality is not accepted by any religion. Hassam will not be more respected by his family or his friends if he break from islam. Actually Islam is the cure if he dig deep and be more involved not just be a muslim by name. Fear the punishment from God.
Seek your family's help to show willingness to get better.

Anonymous said...

So he should pray to Allah, the Islamic god, to save himself from...the intolerance towards homosexuality in Islam? Brilliant.
No, he's gay. Any involvement with Islam will just cause his life to be endangered.

Anonymous said...

Islam is a hateful religion and Hassam should leave it if he wants to leave the shackles of irrationality. Allah has already forsaken him by saying he needs to submit, he needs to be a slave, and he needs to be called a "sick" person who "needs" to be "saved".

These idiots that say pray to allah are stupid because praying won't do shit. Hassam, you need to get off your knees and change things. You'll be doing what no Muslim who bows down to delusion could ever do.

Nick Jewitt said...

It is a sad story and sadder still that this young man is expected to abandon one of the two major things in his life - his religion or his orientation. Why must we be so polarised? And where is the boy now? Has he found enough people to help him survive? I for one would contribute.

Esther said...

Hi Nick,

According to an article from March (NO) Hassam now has a place to live, paid for by the child welfare service, as well as getting money for his medical needs.