Belgium: 12% Muslims in French-speaking community

Counting up all the percentages, there are large numbers missing.


According to the religious barometer 2008, conducted by study bureau Sonecom, 43% of French speaking Belgians are Catholic, 17% atheist , 10% agnostic and 0.8% not religious.

From this second barometer survey it appears that there's 12% Muslims in the French community. Sociologist and anthropologist Olivier Sevaix says that although that's less than Brussels, it means that political decisions should take this community into account.

80% of those interviewed says they follow a traditional religion. 68% are believers, of which 42% are not practicing and 25% are practicing. About 23% had taken part in less than 10 religious ceremonies in the past 12 months, and 8% say they attend at least one ceremony once a week.

60% think god's existence is at least probably, 38% are sure of it. The barometers shows that 72% of those interviewed believe there's 'something' after death.

Source: HLN (Dutch)

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