Belgium: Smuggling weapons in coffins

Belgian-Moroccan terror suspect Abdelkader Belliraj from Evergem smuggled weapons to Morocco in coffins of deceased Muslims, according to 'well informed' sources. A brilliant idea to transfer forbidden objects, since closed caskets are not opened.

When Belliraj's group was arrested in mid-February in Morocco, the police found an impressive weapon arsenal. The illegal weapons all originated from Morocco. Belliraj smuggled weapons to his homeland since 1993.

There are now strong indications that this was done with caskets. The big advantage of such transport is that customs and police don't open or check closed caskets. That would be a desecration of the body. The sources told HLN that using accomplices Belliraj broke into funeral parlors that repatriate Muslims. He put weapons in the coffin with the body. There were also coffins which were sent out with just weapons and money, without a body.

Jamal Ben Tahar, manages of Pompes Funèbres Islamiques de Belgique (Islamic Burial Parlors of Belgium) in Brussels, that repatriates up to 500 deceased annually, don't believe that smugglers can abuse his organization.

Source: HLN (Dutch)

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Anonymous said...

Readers will be fascinated by a similar coffin arms smuggling caper that resulted in the take-over of the Grand Moque in Mecca in 1979. The two week stand-off actually empowered the Saudi religious establishment and led to the massive, world-wide Wahhabi expansion that is causing so much trouble today. See "The Siege of Mecca" by Yaroslav Trofimov.

Anonymous said...

Of course Jamal bin Tahar doesn't think anyone can abuse his organization. But he is probably a good muslim, and doesn't consider smuggling weapons to use against infidels as abuse. He probably thinks he's helping do God's will.

Anonymous said...

He's been smuggling weapons since 1993, so just you think about how many of these weapons had already made it on to the streets ever since and are now held in the hands of the soldiers of Islam. I say raid their homes - everyones. Turn over floor tiles if needed. Those guns are meant to shoot and kill European citizens. Deport the bastards or you'll be living in Islamistan in a matter of a couple generations.

Esther said...

Hi anonymous #3,

The suspicion is that weapons were smuggled out of Europe, not into it.