Netherlands: Turkish-Dutch chosen as Miss Netherlands

The new Miss Netherlands is Miss Utrecht, 24 year old Deniz Akkoyun. Akkoyun was born and raised in Amersfoort. Her parents were born in Alanya, Turkey.

In the first round the contestant wore dresses by recently deceased designer Percy Irausquin. In the second round, misleadingly called 'African style', they wore ski clothing under which they showed a bikini top. Organizer Hans Konings, who's been involved in the contest since 1989, says they didn't want the image of bikinis and high heels, which is very unfriendly to women on a podium and which fits more on the beach. In the third round the contestants appeared in evening wear, this time by famous Turkish designer Erol Albayrak.

Source: Telegraaf, AD (Dutch)


Snake Oil Baron said...

Such a high profile appearance of a young, attractive Muslim girl without a headscarf will enrage some and yet provide young Dutch of Turkish origins a realization that one does not have to be forever cutoff from secular society by scarves and exclusionary rituals and superstitious beliefs.

costin said...

now its time for an ugly dutch woman to win the Miss Turkey contest. go Rita!!

Unknown said...

Looks good to me. Good for her. I hope no knuckledraggers decide to 'save her honour' (by brutally murdering her).

Nani said...

Blah blah blah..

For some people still who are not aware,Turkey is a hardcore secular State,headscarf is not allowed public buildings and schools (including universities).And according to gallups ONLY 11% of women wear it in Turkey.

Andrew,honour killings happens only KURDISH ORIGIN citizens of Turkey.Honour killing is part of Kurdish,Arabic,Pakistani and Indian culture,we have no honour killing in our culture.

Btw the girl is soo ugly,she can not even be in avarage category, let alone she will win beauty contest :)