Denmark: Muslim Union says veiled woman should not use bus-passes

Denmark: Muslim Union says veiled woman should not use bus-passes

When reporting about the Muslim woman in Odense who was kicked off a bus, I did not stress the most important point in the story - she was trying to get on a bus using photo ID.  That is, she was using a monthly pass and not a regular ticket.


Bus drivers are right to require to reject Muslim women who get on the bus with a monthly pass and a veiled face, says the Muslim Union, which represents 30 Muslim associations and organizations.

The union published a statement calling on Muslim women to accept that they can only pay with a ticket, if they go with a niqab for religious reasons.  A niqab only leaves the eyes visible.

The union says that bus drivers should of course be able to obtain identification from the passengers to a sufficient degree, so that they can adequately establish the correspondence between the passenger and the photo in her pass.  

The statement comes after press reports that a veiled Muslim woman in Odense was refused access to a city-bus with a monthly pass four times.

The Muslim Union emphasizes that it's discrimination to reject veiled women on the grounds that the bus driver does not want to drive with masked people, such as happened in Aarhus on an Arriva bus.  The bus driver was reported to the police for Monday's incident.

The Muslim Union was founded last year with the goal of advancing integration and stemming extremism.

Source: Kristeligt Dagblad (Danish)

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