Finland: Hundreds of unofficial Islamic marriages

Finland: Hundreds of unofficial Islamic marriages

Including underage ones, apparently.  Tundra Tabloids reports:


According to the Finnish Islamic Council's Imam, Chehab Khodr, the Justice Ministry gave permission for the 14 yr old girl to be wed in 1996. The groom was then 20yrs of age. Khodr himself officiated the marriage in Helsinki.

No record of the document giving special permission was found in the Justice Ministry's archives. Imam Khodr said he kept the marriage strictly within the guidelines of Finnish law. According to him, we have hundreds of unofficial marriages done according to Islamic law. Islam researcher, Sylvia Akar compares the unions with Finnish marriages.

– In Islam there must be some form of union, so that you can live together, Akar says.

Khodr does not condemn marriages which are according to Islamic law, even though some of the wives are clearly under 18 yrs of age. Khodr says he doesn't understand the differences between those who start dating and being wed.

– Why can't 13 be a good age to be married at? According to the law here, is permissible at such an age to have sex. It's better to get married, says Khodr.


Source: Tundra Tabloids (English)

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