Odense: Woman kicked off bus for wearing a niqab

Odense: Woman kicked off bus for wearing a niqab

A woman in Odense (Denmark) was kicked off a bus four times, because she goes covered with the Muslim niqab.

A 41 year old Somali woman was kicked off the 150 bus in the Odense Banegård center last week, because she refused to show her face to the dirver.  It was the fourth time that the woman was refused admittance, reports Fyens Stiftstidende.

The case from Odence comes in the wake of a case from Aarhus, where a bus driver refused to drive further unless a veiled woman would get off the bus.

In Odense Amina Farah Suleiman couldn't get on a bus last Thursday, becase her face is covered besides a small strip for her eyes.

"I can't see who you are.  I won't drive if you don't get off the bus.  Now!," the bus driver ordered.

The Somali woman, who felt humiliated, took the incident hard.  "I became quite upset, and began to cry," says Amina Farah Suleiman to the paper.

The head of Fynbus, Torben Andersen (SF), says that there are no guidelines about this, and calls it a 'grey zone'.  He now asked his manager to prepare guidlines, so it woudl be possible to drive with a monthly card, even if one is veiled.

Source: Avisen (Danish)

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