UK: Somali-Swede arrested on terrorism charges

UK: Somali-Swede arrested on terrorism charges

This story is from last year, but the Swedish connection is only now being revealed.

Earlier this year, Swedish authorities announced there were 9 Swedish citizens being held abroad for terrorism.  Investigative journalist Per Gudmundson is busy tracking them down.

Gudmundson reveals on his blog (Swedish) that a Swedish citizen is being held in custody in London since May, 2008 for terrorism.  The man is accused of collecting funds for terrorism in Somalia and for administering a website which incited or supported terrorism.

Apparently, Sweden is busy exporting Somali terrorism.

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Ellinor Lundmark spokesperson for the Foreign Affairs Ministry confirmed the basic facts.

The Swede, Musse Said Yusuf, according to British sources, was arrested Wednesday, May 28, 2008 at a dawn operation in Higgs Close in Rowlatts Hill in Leicester.  He was arrested with another Somali, Ahmed Said Mohammed, 32, at Devons Raod in East London.  The men were brought to the Paddington Green high security police station i west London.

According to the Swedish records, Yusuf does not have a permanent address in Sweden.  He immigrated from Somalia to Sweden in 1991 and became a citizen in 1995.  In recent years he's been living in the Stockholm suburbs of Tensta and Kista.  There's no information about residence since last winter. He's divorced and has four children from two women.

His trial is expected to continue April 21.

Gudmondson says there is sometimes widespread support among the Swedish-Somali diaspora in the Stockholm area for the armed rebels in Somalia.  A Swedish citizen heads the Shabaab terror group, and two Swedes hold senior positions in Hizbul-Islam.

Though the Swede has been in custody in the UK for almost a year, he got no attention from the Swedish media, apparently due to a request by the ministry.  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided not to make the charge public. (DN, Swedish)

The ministry sent him letters in July and have since had contact with his lawyer.  The Swede declined assistance from the Swedish authorities, and according to Lundmark, does not want to have contact with the Ministry.

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