Denmark: Stricter law against forced marriages proposed

The government is proposing a new stricter bill to prevent forced marriages, reports TV 2 Nyhederne.

Prison sentences for forcing youth into a marriage might be doubled. According to the new bill, the sentence limit will go up from two years to four. For the first time the notion of "forced marriage" will be considered an independent crime in the criminal law.

Justice minister Lene Espersen says that it is unacceptable that anybody will be forced to marry against their will, and that they will do everything they can to prevent such marriages from taking place.

The Islamic Society in Denmark is skeptic about the stricter law. The argument being that it isn't necessary and encourages adding to attitudes against Muslims.

Source: DR (Danish)

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Anonymous said...

I thank the Danes for trying to prevent this woman-hating religion from continuing its treatment of women as chattel.

Anonymous said...

All talk. They prosecute no one.