Amsterdam: Discos discriminate against immigrants

Amsterdam discos regularly discriminate against immigrants by their entrance policy, according to the GroenLinks party's own research.  The party put up a question in parliament for the Minister of Justice Ernst Hirsch Ballin and for the Minister of Integration Ella Vogelaar.  GroenLinks is thinking of starting a blacklist.

The party sent out parliament member Tofik Dibi, of Moroccan origin to do the testing.  Together with his younger brother he tried entering four discos and was refused entrance at all four.  Two ethnic youth, sent by the EditieNL program, got in without any problem.

GroenLinks wants the license of entertainment places to be withdrawn if they repeatedly discriminate.  The party wants, above all, to make the entrance policy clearly visible at the entrance and suggest a blacklist.

Source: (Dutch)

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Anonymous said...

Disco owner could call their discos something religious, that way they are allowed to discriminate entrance on the basis of religion....