Norway: B-gang investigation turning to Pakistan

After the big operation against the B-Gang, which was dubbed "Operation Nemesis" in Norway and which spread out to Brazil where it was called "Operation Paradise", the Oslo police are now opening a third front in Pakistan. 

The Rasool family are central members of the B-Gang.  Five of the six brothers are currently under arrest, suspected of dealing with stolen goods, while the sixth is in police custody.  Two other family members have also been arrested, brothers aged 19 and 30.  Additionally five women in the family had been arrested.  Three were released last week, the other two - the 50 year old mother and the eldest brother's 29 year old wife - are still in custody.

Police believe the family transfered significant assets to their homeland, and that this money originates from criminal acts in Norway.  Sources in Pakistan say that the Oslo police had asked the Pakistani police for help in tracing these assets down.

The family has accounts in Pakistan as well as a house in Mhemad Chak, also known as "Little Norway".  The family supposedly also owns other properties in the Gujrat distict.

Brazilian police said they can connect at least three of the Rasool brothers in Natal and Fortaleza in Brasil.  Police inspector Iver Stensrud said last week that the police will cooperate with Brazilian police in the search for B-gang money.

Source: Aftenposten 1, 2, 3 (Norwegian)

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