Netherlands: Petition against Arab name policy dropped

"Islam hater", "traitor", "why don't you call your kid Pim-Theo-Aynan?", but also: "I don't want Moroccans to use Dutch names. I want them to leave the Netherlands. Today even!"

Haarlem councilor Moussa Aynan (34) got hundreds such reactions the past few weeks on his website. Aynan, who just became a father, began a signing petition in April to end the "voluntary collaboration of the Dutch government with the discriminatory and Arabic-nationalist policy of the Moroccan government."

When registering babies at Dutch municipalities, young Moroccan parents get a list, without request, from which they must choose a name.

The official list, circulated by the Moroccan government, contains only Arabic names and not Christian or Berber name. "that is discriminatory and affects the freedom of choice," says Aynan. He thinks Dutch municipalities should not serve as an outpost for the Moroccan government.

His initiative was not unnoticed internationally. Aynan got hate mail also from abroad. So much that he decided to take his blog off the air on the Pentecost weekend. "It was too much, especially my wife was afraid," says Aynan.

He regrets that his initiative was hijacked by "both Christian fundamentalists and Muslim fanatics". He was accused of detesting Muslim names. Aynan: "Muslim names don't exist. Muslims from Indonesia or India have names that also don't appear on the list. The list is Arabic-Nationalist".

Source: Volkskrant (Dutch)

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Were those comments above sent by email directly to Aynan or did the journalist simply go to Dhimmi Watch?

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