Norway: Possibly 50% parents continue female circumcision tradition

Suad Fara, a Somali born midwife, believes that about 50% of parents to girls, who come from countries where female circumcision is common, continue the tradition in Norway.  she says it is common to send the girls back home on vacation.

Farah worked against circumcision when she was a midwife in Mogadishu.  After she came to Norway as an asylum seeker she continued her work.  She puts in a lot of time traveling around and informing the different immigrant communities what circumcision means.

She thinks insufficient information from the Norwegian authorities are the reason that many circumcise their daughter, also after they come to Norway.

Karita Bekkemellem, minister of Children and Equality Affair, says she is impressed that Suad Fara now dares to explain what she knows of circumcision.  "If it is true that half the parents who come from countries where circumcision is widespread continue with this custom, it is very serious."

She promises extensive measure against circumcision within the year and research to map out the extent of such procedures.

Source: Dagbladet (Norwegian), h/t FOMI (Swedish)

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Anonymous said...

the tragedy of Norway and the unpleasant days to come should tell liberals that their allegiance to this philosophy of philo-immigrants from muslim countries MUST be re-thought.