Number of Muslims in Europe

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According to the Zentral-Institut Islam-Archiv-Deutschland, published in the German Soest, there are 53.7 million Muslims in Europe today, of which 15.9 million live in the European Union. The data is according to information from the European embassies in Germany.

Of the about 680 million European, 7.9% are Muslim, according to the institute. In the EU, about 3.2% are Muslims.

Comparison with earlier figures is not possible since this is the first time smaller European countries took part, according to the Germany news service Idea.

Most Muslims live in Russia (25 million) and in the European part of Turkey (5.9 million). In the EU most Muslims live in France (5.5 million), Germany (3.3 million), Great Britain (1.5 million), Bulgaria (1.1 million), as well as Italy and the Netherlands (almost a million each). There are 350,000 Muslims in Austria and 330,000 in Switzerland.

Muslims form a majority in Turky, but also in Albania (2.1 million) and Bosnia-Herzegovina (2 million). The countries with least Muslims are Andorra (400), Latvia (380) and Iceland (321).

Of the 494.7 million EU citizens, 224.5 million are Roman Catholic, 115 million are atheist, 57.8 million are protestant, 39 million are Orthodox, 15.9 million are Muslim and 1.5 million are Jewish.

Source: Reformatorisch Dagblad (Dutch)


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the "Zentral-Institut Islam-Archiv Deutschland" is not a very reliable source...
It made some terribly bad studies on the number of muslims in Germany and on the number of German converts:

Repräsentative Zahlenspielerei - Islam-Politik mit Statistik?,160,Repraesentative_Zahlenspielerei_-_Islam-Politik_mit_Statistik,news.htm

Meinungsstark, aber ahnungslos
Der Kim Schmitz des deutschen Islam

For this last study, Islam-Archiv just did copy+paste:
"Ein Sprecher des Instituts dankte in diesem Zusammenhang den Botschaftern der europäischen Länder für ihre „selbstverständliche und konstruktive Hilfe bei der Ermittlung der Daten“."

all in German, sorry!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I've just done some investigating on my own, and the main figures are correct.

3,2 % muslims in European Union is about as correct as you can get.

Counting Turkey, Khazakstan and Russia is a bit strange, since K. just has a tip of its country past the Ural mountains, and any Russian figures would ultimately be contaminated to include figures for people outside of Europe .