Sweden: 'Muslim-friendly' radio presenter receives death threats

Radio presenter Täppas Fogelberg has begun receiving death threats. Serious threats and letters smeared with excrement have been sent to him via his employer, Sveriges Radio.

Last week, a card filled with racist terms arrived at Sveriges Radio in Sundsvall.

The author claimed that there were people prepared to murder Täppas Fogelberg. The reason given was that he "pampers bloody Muslims" on his programme Ring P1.

"It's disgusting," Fogelberg told newspaper Sundsvalls Tidning.

The manager of Sveriges Radio in Sundsvall, Lena Tideström-Sagström, has reported the matter to the police.

"It has gone too far, it's just depressing," said Fogelberg.

"It would be repugnant if I was silenced. I will be careful with my body but not with the spoken word. I am not going to become nicer," he added.

Source: The Local (English)

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