Belgium: Bousakla receives police protection

Mimount Bousakla, Belgian politician of the List Dedecker party, received police protection when she took part in a political debate with five other immigrant politicians at the Instituut Maris Stella Sint-Agnes (IMS) in Borgerhout.

"The school wanted me to tell that my posters had been blacked out or removed.  I also heard that merchants in Antwerpen-Noord had been intimidated to take down my posters," says the politicians.  She had not yet received direct threats.

"People who conduct my campaign had gotten signs that I should maybe better stay out of certain neighborhoods.  But I won't be stopped by it.  I continue to wage my campaign, but take care that I won't be alone.  I always take several trusted people with me who can keep watch."

The politician doesn't think that this has anything to do with her move to List Dedecker.  "The hate campaign against me exist already much longer.  Some people simply do not agree with my standpoints," says Bousakla.

In November 2004 she received death threats of a man who wanted to "slaughter" her.  She made a complaint and got round the clock police protection.  Six days later the man was arrested.  He confessed to the facts, but said he never intended to carry out his threats.  He has simply got wound up by several statement by Bousakla.  The court gave him 46 hours of community service in March 2005.

Source: HLN (Dutch)

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