Amsterdam: Veil no reason for refusing job application

The Amsterdam public library refused an applicant unjustly, according to the Committee for Equal Treatment (Commissie Gelijke Behandeling, CGB).  The applicant wore a veil that she tied in such a way that hid her neck.  According to the CGB the library made a "forbidden distinction based on religion"

The Muslim women signed up last July by an employment office.  She was interested in a vacancy at the library but was told that she should wear her veil differently.  The women refused due to religious convictions and turned to the CGB.

Hans van Velzen, manager of the library, said that the decision was 'strange'.  The library had changed its dress code a while back.  Velzen points out that in the new collection of the library's work clothes there's also a veil that covers the neck.  "We are the forerunner in this area."

Source: Volkskrant (Dutch)

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