Amsterdam: Snackbar terrorized

A snackbar owner and his wife in Amsterdam were terrorized out of their neighborhood by a group of Moroccans.  The municipality  has bought them out.

In the past years the windows of Raphaël snackbar of Frieda and Michel Awad were broken 38 times.  A group of Moroccan youth terrorized the pair without punishment for years.

The snackbar was opened 21 years ago.  The Awad family (he's originally from Egypt) see it as defeat that they have been badgered out, but decided to stop with it for their peace of mind.

After dozens of broken windows, the insurance stopped paying.  The municipality has now taken over the business and will open up a neighborhood information service instead.

The intimidation and fights began eight years ago.  "These kids say the most horrible things about your father and mother, but if you throw back anything they are deeply offended," according to the couple.  Car tires were slashed.  Around the new year the windows were broken and "Happy New Year" written on the pavement.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

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