Utrecht: Ondiep update

The police officer who shot a 54-year-old man in the Utrecht neighbourhood of Ondiep in March, sparking off several days of riots, is being treated as a suspect, the public prosecution department said on Wednesday.

The department is planning to stage a reconstruction of events shortly. A decision on whether the officer will face criminal proceedings will be made once the investigation has been completed, a spokeswoman said.

According to the public prosecution, it's only possible to stage a reconstruction if there's a judicial  preliminary investigation.  The legal requirement for that is to have a suspect, and that's the reason why the policeman is a suspect and not a witness as he was till now.  According to a spokesperson, this is not a sign that the investigation had reached a dead end.

Sources: Dutch News (English), AD.nl (Dutch).  h/t Snouck and Klein Verzet

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