Brussels: Shooting on trains

Update: The trains were stoned, not shot

Four trains were shot at in the Brussels suburb of Schaarbeek. There were no injuries, but the train traffic in the area was halted for 45 minutes. The shooter was not caught.

The shooting incident took place shortly before 8:30pm, according to the Infrabel spokesperson. The treins were shot at between Buda station, in Vilvoorde, and Schaarbeek.

Three of the trains were coming from Antwerp and one train was going in the opposite direction. A window was broken in the latter train and was immediately replaced at the station in Schaarbeek. No damage was found on the other trains.

The train security services and the federal police came immediately to the place and searched the area, but did not find the shooter. The situation was considered safe at 9:12pm and the train traffic was resumed.

Source: HLN (Dutch)


Anonymous said...

euhm. so .. what's the link with Islam in Europe?

Esther said...

Hi anonymous,

At the time of the incident the trains were passing through neighborhoods with a very high immigrant population.

The link, therefore, is that most people assume that the perpetrator is Muslim. Whether that is true or not, will be up for future investigation.

Anonymous said...

Sounds as if the European city authorities have to swing into action Euro-style and plan for the thorough dismantlement of localised islamist threats.

Getting these thugs into training or some sort, and working their arses off for the rest of their lives, will be one way to reduce their energies for throwing stones.

Meanwhile, did you hear that the Paleos ran out of rocks?!
Bob from Accounting:

I've had enough of the pointless hand-wringing for these primitives with their money-grasping thugs for leaders.