Norway: Mother to 4 disappeared

An Iraqi citizen in her 30s disappeared from her home in Nedre Eiker in Buskerud more than 3 weeks ago. Her husband, 41, informed the police of her disappearance eight days later.

Policeman Øyvind Aas says there can be logical reasons for the delay, such as the husband trying to find his wife on his own first.

The husband, who is also an Iraqi citizen, has been in Norway for 10 years, his wife for six. The couple has four children, all under the age of 10.

Police suspect foul play since the woman did not have her own car or phone and doesn't have many friends in Norway. She is close to her children and has not traveled away before.

Kripos, Norway's special national crime agency, has been called in to deal with the case. Currently extensive searches are being conducted both at land and at sea. In addition, contact is being made with people in Norway and Iraq who might have had connections to her.

Norwegian police are hesitant about putting out identifying material about the women so as not to identify the family.

Aftenposten (English), Dagbladet (Norwegian), VG Nett (Norwegian)

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