Sweden: Women can work with veil

A Muslim woman has won her battle with a supermarket in western Sweden which informed her that she could not work there if she chose to wear a headdress.

The Ica Kvantum supermarket in Västra Frölunda has now made adjustments to its dress code following criticism from the Ombudsman against Ethnic Discrimination (Diskrimineringsombudsmannen - DO).

The supermarket has agreed to apologize to the woman and pay her compensation to the value of 80,000 kronor ($11,700).

Having applied for a job with the supermarket, the woman was called to an interview. There she was told that she could not wear her headdress if she wanted to get the job, Sveriges Radio reports.

Ica has admitted that it made a mistake and has changed its dress code accordingly.

Source: The Local (English)


John Sobieski said...

Welcome to Swedestan. Infidels not welcome.

FreeSpeech said...

Stupid move. This was the Ombudsman, not the law.

Anonymous said...

Swedestan will become a member of Eurabia...

Informations about the danger of an islamization of Europe:



Anonymous said...

Very bad move. In another incident a bus driver in Malmo lost his job due to one of these arrogant women and their stupid demands with their dress codes.

There is an old saying- "give them an inch and they want the whole yard."