West Flanders: Advice against recognizing Muslim community

The West Flanders province council advises against the recognition of a Muslim community in Desselgem, in Waregem.  It would be the first recognition of an Islamic community in West Flanders.  According to deputy Gunter Pertry a thorough research of the file is necessary.

"In principal we're not against the recognition," says Pertry.  "We want, however, to send a signal to the minister that he can't just like that make such recognitions.  We ask for a thorough research of the file, since we don't think the file is fully in order administratively."

Earlier the municipal council of Waregem advised positively on the case.  The municipal council pointed to the positive contribution of the Assounah organization to the integration of Muslims is the local community by among other things organizing courses in Dutch and contributing to setting up a slaughter house for Eid ul-Adha.

Source: HLN (Dutch)

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