UK: Pregnant teen stabbed to death

The husband of a pregnant teenager who was stabbed to death in her own home was today arrested by murder squad detectives.

The 24-year-old husband of Sana Ali, 17, and a 16-year-old youth were arrested this afternoon by detectives on suspicion of murder.

Mrs Ali and her unborn child both died following the attack at her home in Bury, Greater Manchester, on Friday.

Mrs Ali, who was originally from Pakistan, moved to Britain five years ago.

The teenager's blood-soaked body was discovered in an upstairs bedroom of the property in Throstle Grove at around 4.15pm on Friday.

Sair Ali married Sana in December last year.

Paramedics took the teenager to Fairfield Hospital, but they were unable to save her or her unborn child.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said: "Two people have been arrested on suspicion of murder after the death of a pregnant teenager in Bury.

"A 24-year-old man and a 16-year-old boy were arrested this afternoon.

"They are due to be questioned by detectives later today."

Earlier today police said that extra officers would patrol the area where she was killed.

They hope the extra patrols will reassure neighbours shocked by the attack.

Detective Chief Inspector Keith Dillon said: 'She has a number of injuries. It does look to be a violent attack.

'This is a nice, quiet residential area and I realise that it will have been a shock for those living here to realise what has happened.

'Extra patrols will be put in place in the local area over the coming days to reassure the community and encourage them to come forward and tell us what they know.'

He said Mrs Ali's family had been interviewed and he would not rule out the murder being an honour killing.

He added: 'I am keeping an open mind on absolutely everything. That doesn't mean I think it is or that I think it is not.'

Source: Metro (English)


Anonymous said...

poor woman had her whole life ahead of her,my hEART GOES OUT TO HER FAMILY,surely this indian girl was dating sana alis husband and out of pure jealousy she killed her,why cant these indian men give there woman what they want in that way they will have no need to look any further

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to the poor girl too, what happened to her should never happen to anyone!!
However can i just say that your comment about why can't indian men give there woman what they want is totally horrendous!!
Did you ever stop to think what the hell was this Sair Ali doing cheating on his wife!! Did you ever think that this poor girl has been framed for the attack!!
I think you should not judge until the truth has come out !! and i pray to god that you have to swallow your pride and apologise for your assumptions.

Anonymous said...

sana ali husband is also to blame why did he marry sana if he was having an affair, i hope he and his a bit on the side go to hell and sana and her baby rip ameen

Anonymous said...

I pray that inshallah Sana and her baby are permitted heaven. As for the comment about Indian girls not getting satisfaction from their own men what cobblers its just a youngster talking rubbish. The woman who killed this innocent person is in every way evil and selfish she did not care who she hurt as long as she got what she wanted I pray now that she gets punished in this life and the next that she may drop dead in hell. (have you ever noticed in every indian film they will have a muslim girl falling for a Hindu guy its just a way to put Muslim girls down unfortunately, whereas the truth is that it is actually Indian girls who fall for Muslim guys in this case anyway!) As for that Sair what a d*g he had a lovely wife and was playing with another woman that is wrong no matter what the woman's religion is. I pray that he too is punished for instigating the whole affair he should have ended it as soon as he got married or even before either that or he should have simply not got married. Both Sair and his bit on the side are to blame they both deserve hell! Sair doesn't care if his wife died he will just get remarried again and mess her around too once a cheat always a cheat!

Anonymous said...

Lets just remember Sana and her baby in our duaas.

Anonymous said...

What a whole load of judgemental bullshit from each and every one of you. Who cares what religion any of them are!!!! If Sair was capable of lying to his wife, family and cheating what makes you all so sure that he didn't set harmohinder up?? Wht makes everyone so sure she's guilty anyway?? A young girl (of whatever religion!) has been murdered and i hope justice prevails! over and out

Anonymous said...

Some silly comments here. Harmohinder being Indian dosen't make a diffrence here at all. Pakistanis's and Indians are from very very similar cultures and backgrounds, Sair Ali and Harmohindr were clearly an item, and Sair's lying and avoiding the truth led to a an evil jealous plot by this girl. Truly evil what she did - jus stop bringing religion into this.
Crazy that the most innocent person died along with her unborn child becoz of the other two idiots.

Anonymous said...

A message to the person who says that every1 on this forum is talking 'bullshit'. My comment was made 16 november and it does not specify putting down some1 because of their religion. The only point i made was in every indian film its always a muslim girl falling for an Indian guy why is that? It does happen but not as much as Indian girls falling for muslim guys. I have been forced to bring religion in this point because its a well known fact that an Indian film always shows Muslim girls going against their families, changing religions etc for a hindu guy u know what thats a load of bullshit!!! indian girls do this much more then muslim girls but this is never shown in an indian film!! This girl that killed Sana was Indian and she is a super B*tch and this guy is actually trying to fight her corner you chat horse shit and your obviously Indian yourself and just cant except that some1 from your race has committed such an evil atrocity!! Your not looking at the picture unbiased so your the one who is bringing religion into it! sair is an A*S like i said despite the religion he will always be a cheat. Y wud he get his lover to kill her when in fact it was enevitable that she wud get caught so there was no chance of them being together anyway! why wud he get his wife pregnant? and even if he did tell her to kill his wife has she got sh*t for brains the girl was educated can she not think for herself?! She was an evil cow i hope they lock her away forever and chuck the key!!! and Sair can just do1 i hope no1 ever wants to marry a lying cheating really bad excuse of man like him ever. Ladies throw the book at him no1 should want to marry a monster like him he is just as much to blame for what happened as his evil lover who killed that Beautiful girl and her unborn child. She took two lives not one! I say it how it is and am justified in my opinion not taking sides of religion just being fair!

Navdeep said...

Everyone's looking to blame Harmohinder and Sair. I agree what they did was wrong,adultry can never be justified, but none of this would have happend if Sair had been able to tell his parents he was inlove with Harmohinder, and if Harmohinder had been able to do the same. South-Asian parents want their children to live an eastern life in western society. I'm in know way justifying their actions, as an innocent girl paid the consequence. But as a long term solution, parents need to be more accepting of their children. Even in the case about the 19 year old Pakistani girl and the 33 year old Kurdish man. If the girl had had enough confidance to tell her parents about him, they could have guided her to make a decision that would enable her to have been alive today. If anything positive has come out of this, it's that we can learn from our mistakes as people.

I'm Punjabi and of Sikh origion but don't consider myself to be Indian. I prefer Punjabi or Khalistani. It's really immature to say Indian men should satisfy their women. I agree bollywood makes the "baddies" muslims and the girls in love relationships muslim too, which is completely wrong. But whats with Sikh's dissing Muslims and Muslims dissing Sikhs? We're all "Paki's" to goreh.

Anonymous said...

this case just shows you the truth comes out in the end allah is watching now sairs mistake led to the death of his wife and shame on what he was doing in the first place first having an affair is really disgraceful and then having a wife who loved him and was expecting to be put through such horrific act i just pray that a lesson is learnt from this may allah give sana and her unborn child peace and janna say a paryer for her and may it give strength to the families

Anonymous said...

I would probably do the same if it happened to me.

Anonymous said...

I feel so bad for Sana. But one question, why did Sana's parent get her married, and then allowed her to get pregnant ALL before the age of 18? And that to her cousin??

Anonymous said...

can i say just one thing its not indian men fault they are ugly and stikh and hindu women love good looking men who are uslsually muslim but they are for us good looking muslim women who deserve them but no these women cant let go like leeches they suck blood and otnhers thangs.

i have heard stories like this b4 not men marry these women thats why they go mad it happened in bham to a greek girls too she is still being stalked by this sikh girl cos the guy left her for his own its true what are indian men doing wrong? but leave muslim men alone there thick but they know a ho when they see one he was a ho too though they deserve each other and u cant really call him a muslim??? he was stitzo for sure i think bhe was depresses majorly. A real muslim man would not even look twice at a non-muslim i know some real muslim men and they are real men to me unfortunatly there are more bad ones and they are weaker then most other men and have low self esteem funny they go very well with skih and hindu women. us muslim women and indian men are the victims of inter-religion relationships that should not happen. muslim paki men are thcik u dont see arab men running after them oh i forgot they have white hos.

The guy who wrote the first comment fuck u u chase those women half the time so how can u say that indian men are not giving their women what they want?u act so depserate as we can see the male sair went back to her for what sex?? is that all paki men have become our ancestors fought wars to allow u to have islam and u go and throw it away for those very peopl who hate us so much and she had to die innocent woman. u want them then then u had ure fun u can leave cos ure too deep why does it go dowmn like a broken record??why the fuck cant u pakis change?
You want sex but a nice innocent girl sorry women dont come like that traditinally mslim women are suposed top be very alluring and give what they can to their hubbies but when u abtain from sex its pretty hard to become a slut they say oh ure a slut change be more innocent sorry u get one not both so u go and sleep with a sikh girl we let u to cos us muslim women are not like that so desperate some even marry them god looks what happens when u dont all the hindu and sikh girls i have seen are like this so angry and obsesed like bi-polar mode about muslim men why?? ure so ugly why seek the best men lower uere standards learn to say no and it will all be ok and get a good shrink please get over ure self! u dont go to islam for love of a man sad bitches
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funny how she gave him so much sex and he still did not even marry her. but inpregnated her wife he was not that mad paki men their mothers need to treat men and women equal and stop forcing their marriages then maybe they will marry paki girls of their own free will opression distrots the mind but still whats wrong with sikh and hindu girls then??
this sikh girls was intelligent too butcpould not see paki men would chase anyone for sex its all about sex i feel sorry for the women (muslim)and indian men who have to deal with this muslim men and non-muslim women.

The first comment again wtf is wrong wirth u are u muslim leave islam and get a life u regret it later like siar like most men do then they say oh muslim women are the best!

Anonymous said...

laces out!

Anonymous said...

all the muslimpeople here u shine lie the sun not too sharp and birght but warm like setting of the sun.peace out

Anonymous said...

a town!