Norway: Letter smuggling attempt by terror suspect

A 29 year old terror suspect tried recently to smuggle a letter out from Ringerike Prison.  The prison is the most secure in Norway and the 29 year old, whom Norway police think is the leader of a Norwegian terror cell, had sat in isolation for the past two month.  The reason, according to TV 2 is that he had recently tried to smuggle a letter out of the the prison asking one of the other suspects in the case to remove weapons and tracks.

The friend's lawyer says his client said during police questioning that he did not know what the contents of the letter meant.  Petar Sekulic was quoted as saying that his client had been questioned about weapons both earlier and in the recent questioning but that he doesn't know the people mentioned in the letter and has no idea what he was asked to do.

John Christian Elden, the 29 year old's lawyer, is critical of his client's smuggling attempt, but says that his client has been in isolation for a long time without any reason.  Since his arrest last September he had sat over 150 days in isolation.  His lawyer thinks the letter was an attempt to contact an acquaintance whom the police was preventing him from talking to.

The 29 year old is accused for being a member of a terror cell, along with a 27 year old co-suspect.  Together they planned to blow up the Israeli and American embassies.  He is also suspected of a murder attempt and for shooting the Jewish synagogue in Oslo last year.

Source: Dagbladet (Norwegian)

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