Rotterdam: Jihad recruiter set free

The Rotterdam court freed Tuesday a 19 year old Tunisian from detention, suspected of recruiting for armed jihad.  Mohammed M. would be probably immediately put into custody again since he is in the Netherlands illegaly.

Of the six suspects in the case - most were arrested in November - three are still in custody.  They were initially suspected of membership in a criminal and then terroristic organization.  The public prosecution dropped that charge due to lack of evidence.

According to the public prosecution the suspects were planning to go to Iraq or Afghanistan for Jihad.  The main suspect, Murat Ö. (36) wanted in that way to prepare youth ideologically and physically.  He is the only one still suspect of preparing a terrorist crime abroad.  In 2003 Ö, aka Ibrahim the Turk, freed in the "first Jihad case".

A Muslim-wedded pair are suspected of recruiting for jihad via inciteful and hateful pamphlets and Islamic lessons.  The man and women (both 20) are in custody due to the "investigation interest" and not due to "repeat danger".  Their attorney believes they will be freed before October when their case comes up to trial.

Source: Volkskrant (Dutch)

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